Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Time to begin...

Ni Hao from Slovak Laowai!

Hey guys. After more than six weeks in Shanghai i feel like there was enough excuses and it's time to write at least something about how I am doing here.
Well let me begin with the most important thing - my internship. Basically it goes well I am just finding a big lack of experience and real life practise... So what do I do? The easiest task is providing lessons of English for our collegues from the company one hour per a week (+ some preparation). BTW the company's name is Shanghai Talent Law Firm - local law firm providing wide range of law services and trying to increase market share by targetting new foreign clients. And here my main job task begins. I am an account manager :-) As a member of foreign team (we are two at the moment - me and Kristine - Canadian girl who made an interview with me before I came here) I am in a role of a successor of Chris - American guy who made a great job here- to continue in his footprints.
The company gives us relatively free hands in choosing the way to achieve our goals. That requires a lot of abilities - beginning with creating flexible database, templates of different document, but also finding new clients and partners. As usually in China, it is connected with a few more challenges than in European or American environment... But it is nice to face them and deal with them.
I live pretty active life here... Not only due to my work of course:-) As usually AIESEC interns are extremly active people so we meet by every possible occasion (I was a member of godgeball team - wow, such a great fun with those guys:-)). And we of course meet in different pubs and at number of different parties. Meanwhile livin this great life I realized that i can run out of all my saving in next four months not even buying flight ticket back home yet! With a great help of my Chinese friends we found me a part time job. I'll teach in a language school every monday, wednesday and friday night for next half a year... i hope I'll survive that pressure! but it definetelly will safe me from financial crises and that is the most important point.
And of course, I decided to be active with AIESEC as well!!! So I applied for mentoring program to help improving young AIESECers here in Shanghai. I am going for a conference during this weekend to Hangzhou - but just as an intern to present Slovakia on GLOBAL VILLAGE;-). I am considering some more cooperation with AIESEC - especially for the future, but I'll keet all the details for my self at the moment;-)
Well that is all for taday:-) my typically very long and boring introduction:-)
Hope you liked it anyway!
Zai Jian from your Loawai in China
(Good bye from your Foreigner in China;-))

Friday, March 7, 2008